Vehicle assembly would fall 21.9% in North America this 2021

North America would lower its production of motor vehicles by 21.9% in 2021 compared to 2020 due to the shortage of semiconductors, projected the consultancy Autoforecast Solutions (AFS).

Until the end of October of this year, this loss of production had reached 2 million 629,000 units and the consultancy estimates that this figure would potentially escalate to 2 million 934,000 units.

For Mexico this has a considerable impact, since the automotive sector is the most competitive of its entire industry and the one that contributes the most to its exports.

In 2020, of all motor vehicle production in North America, the United States participated with 66%, Mexico with 23.7% and Canada with 10.3%.

From January to August of the current year, an analysis by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) highlighted that in June there was the greatest damage due to this problem, when there was 15.8% of installed capacity in Mexico that was affected by technical stoppages. Then this indicator fell to 15.1% in July and 7.6% in August.

If the participation of Mexico’s production in the region and the AFS projections were extrapolated, Mexico would stop producing 695,358 units in 2020. According to AutoForecast Solutions data, 8 million 215,000 vehicles have already been stopped, counting cars, trucks , buses and motorcycles, worldwide, a figure that will rise to 9 million 436,000 by the end of the year, highlighted the specialized media Neomotor.

A Banxico report describes that companies from various sectors that participate in the Mexican automotive cluster, whether as direct or indirect suppliers of the manufacture or sale of new automobiles, have also been affected. Different manufacturers of light vehicles have announced this year temporary technical stoppages due to the shortage of essential supplies.

A significant percentage of the use of the installed capacity of the light vehicle industry in Mexico has been affected by technical stoppages announced in a practically generalized manner among the country’s assemblers.

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