* Vector Fondos was doubly recognized by the rating agency Morningstar among the 30 operators in the country.

* For more than 10 years, Morningstar has awarded these awards to the best operators and investment funds.

Morningstar, the leading international firm in investment analysis, announced that Vector Fondos, obtained two Morningstar Awards 2022 as “The Best Global Operator” and “The Best Variable Income Operator”, which demonstrates part of the consistency, diversification and management of well-managed investments to reduce risks and enhance returns in a sustained manner over time by the fund operator.

This is the second time that vector backgrounds It is recognized by Morningstar, since in 2021 it obtained the “Best Debt Operator” Award, due to the fact that it registered an average risk-adjusted return in debt funds that was higher than the rest of the industry.

The renowned Morningstar firm is an international leader in the independent analysis of investment funds. For the past 10 years, it has been awarding prizes in our country to the best funds and operators that have contributed the most value to investors, not only during the year, but also in the last three years. In the case of operators, the recognition is given to those that provide a risk-adjusted return above the rest of their competitors through their range of funds. The award categories for operators are: Best Debt Operator, Best Equity Operator and “Best Global Operator”.

“Receiving an award of this nature is the result of the commitment we have with our clients and the understanding of their investment needs; It shows the reflection of the professionalism with which the investments are managed and the work that all the areas carry out to offer them quality financial products. To achieve this result, 3 years of history were required in which we kept our funds in the best places”, according to Paul TorroellaDirector of Asset Management at Stock Exchange House Vector.

Upon receiving the awards, he mentioned that obtaining the Morningstar 2022 awards motivates the company to find new strategies to improve customer returns, as well as continue to innovate in technology to find the best investment opportunities in real time.

In Mexico, the fund industry has an accumulated value of $2.8 billion pesos, which represents 10.65% of the value in GDP. The number of current funds in the country is 615, divided into 248 in debt and 367 in equities. Vector currently manages 20 funds, whose assets are distributed 79% in government and corporate debt portfolios, and 21% in national and international equities. In the industry, the composition is 66% debt and 34% equity.

“Any investor is suitable to buy investment funds, but the most important thing is to choose the best fund according to the profile of each client. There is a misconception that to invest it is necessary to have millions, but the reality is that most investment funds do not ask for a minimum amount,” said Pablo Torroella.

Over the years, Vector Casa de Bolsa has positioned itself as a leader in its services, consolidating a specialized and qualified team, whose strategic vision has been mainly innovation and the search for innovative financial solutions, offering personalized advice, in addition to promote a culture of risk management.

How does the Morningstar Methodology work?

To evaluate the Operators, the firm calculates the three-year Morningstar Risk-Adjusted Return (MRAR) for each of the series of each fund managed by a certain Operator, and the percentile of said MRAR within its Morningstar Category. To participate in the Morningstar Award for Best Operator, the evaluated funds must be available for sale in Mexico, have at least three years of history and have received a Morningstar Rating during this time.

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