Vector Casa de Bolsa and VectorGlobal hold awards for the most innovative fintech companies in the metaverse

Monterey, NL. Stock Exchange House Vector and VectorGlobalbecame the first financial institution in Latin America to hold an event in a world metaversefor the delivery of the first edition of the “Objective Fintech Awards 2021“, where they announced that the Colombian startup trii was the winner.

The Startup Trii obtained the “Fintech Objective Award 2021”, as it is the first app that allows users to invest in shares of the Colombian Stock Exchangeoffering a simple and intuitive experience.

Second place went to the Mexican fintech Dooplaa platform for loans and direct investments between people, founded in 2015. Since its creation, it has had an annual growth rate of 124% in funded loans and 125% in the number of investors.

Fundary, from Mexico, ranked third. It is a crowdfunding of loans to micro companiesto pay in installments ranging from three to 24 months, with amounts from 50,000 to 10 million pesos.

Of a total of 52 technology companies that registered, 67% were from Mexico, 13% from Colombia; 10% from Spain; 4% from Chile, 2% from Brazil, 2% from the United States and 2% from Peru.

In this great alternate reality event, called metaverse Vectora direct connection with the 11 countries of the geographic footprint of Vector and VectorGlobalas well as the panel of judges made up of independent experts.

“We are very happy with the success of our call in Mexico, Spain, the United States and some Latin American countries. This award was created with the purpose of creating the first open innovation ecosystem of a Brokerage House, with the most innovative and disruptive fintech in the world, where Vector becomes the ally they need to take the next leap”, he highlighted. Monica Martinez MontesDirector of Innovation at Stock Exchange House Vector.

The jury was made up of experts in innovation, new technologies and investment in Scale Up.

Luis Uguina, chief digital officer of Macquarie Bankwhich operates in the Asia-Pacific region; Silvina Moschinico-founder, president and chairwoman of the council for Transparent Business & Unicorn Huntersand Nicolas Schmidt-Urzuaco-founder and managing director of Lattice Capital Partners based in NY.

“For us, the long-term vision, innovation, the best talent and the trust of our clients are our pillars. The evolution we live towards disruption and Digital Transformation that we are promoting, merges perfectly with the essence of Vector”, explained Alfonso RomoChairman of the Board and Executive Chairman of Grupo Plenus.

“The fact that we are the first Brokerage House with an award fintech global and also in being the first to use the metaverse to celebrate it, it is a sign that the future has arrived and that we want to lead it; because the one that does not innovate and evolve, disappears”, he asserted Alfonso Romoformer head of Office of the President.

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