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“Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual himself is sovereign.”

John Stuart Mill

If you think that in this little text, I am going to defend the indefensible… you are correct. I am going to dare to do something that is not in fashion, it is not the subject of debate and it seems that only a few really matter: freedom. It is not a tendency to think differently and I am afraid that even Steve Jobs himself would be singled out and forced (in these dark times) to change his successful Apple slogan “Think different”. The thing today is not going that way. It is that we all think the same, mentally uniformed and if possible clothing, as happens in all dystopia that is respected. We are in those.

Traitors to the country, the guilty are told not to think the same as the powerful. We are understanding that at this time it is not allowed to have another idea of ​​the world at the risk of being called cretin, conservative, corrupt and other niceties. The thing is so serious that in the height of absurdity they are denounced before the FGR for having committed that contempt. Who can think of getting out of the mold? Will these insane libertarians not realize that at this time it is about, as if by chance, building obedient and uniformed citizens?

The idea is that the values, beliefs and dogmas of faith spread from the National Palace cover the entire national territory and finally get a new, well-trained human who no longer dares to dissent or do otherwise. Weak and cooperating as they say.

The search for the perfect citizen ranges from not opposing the electrical reform (or any other that comes to mind, however delusional it may be), fighting criminals only with hugs and having an acceptable (preferably high) level of antipathy towards the different , especially those who are disobedient. Oh…and it is very important to accept the time change (you see that, according to the current doctrine, it produces suicides) and of course not to smoke or vape. And that’s it.

I am, of course, a spawn of evil. I find it wonderful and for the good of Mexico that the aforementioned electrical reform has not been approved, I believe that crime must be fought with the law in hand, not with scolding from their grandmothers or hugs, I am sure that the schedule of summer does not produce an increase in suicides, I was vehemently in favor of the Texcoco airport, it seems to me that the construction of the Mayan Train is an ecological tragedy, I deeply regret the disappearance of Seguro Popular and to make matters worse I smoke and vape. Plus I’m one of those obnoxious individuals who thinks of each of us as responsible adults. we have every right to dispose of our bodies and die as we please. I don’t like to drink alcohol, I never do it (here I am also a weirdo), I know how dangerous it is to do so, but I would give my life so that its sale or consumption was not prohibited. That kind of rebellious and monstrous being I have been and am.

The good thing is that in this life everything happens and nothing is forever. So, while the nightmare is over…vaping I wait.

Theresa Vale


guest column

Psychologist, driver, writer, commentator for Grupo Formula.

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