Valentine’s Day | Three drink suggestions to accompany chef Samuel Sirois’ menu

Cooking takes time and after putting in so much effort, the wine you choose becomes even more important. These three bottles will highlight the menu signed by chef Samuel Sirois as much as your cooking skills.

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Sparkling appetizer


Domaine Jean Bourdy Crémant du Jura

To celebrate love, there’s nothing like a sparkling wine. This bottle is not a champagne, but its taste (and price) is sure to appeal. It is produced in the Jura, a lesser-known wine region, nestled near Switzerland. It is in this remote and charming place that the Bourdy family has been making wine since 1579. Having converted to the philosophy of biodynamics for around fifteen years, they use Chardonnay, the grape variety typical of great champagnes, to produce their bubbles. The wine opens with inviting aromas of citrus, green apple and flowers. The lively effervescence accentuates the freshness on the palate. The pairing with scallop, apple-fennel-citrus ceviche will be divine.

Domaine Jean Bourdy Crémant du Jura, SAQ code: 13437439, $29.55

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A little evolution


Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva 2017

If love grows over time, wine often gains in complexity. This is the case of this red produced by the Rivera estate located in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot. In all vineyards around the world, local varieties demonstrate that they are more resistant to rising temperatures. Nero di Troia and Montepulciano, which make up this blend, are a good example. They also prove that they too can produce wines that improve over time. Thus, after seven years of aging, the bouquet reveals notes of cherry, sweet spices, dried herbs and undergrowth. The vigor of the tannins surprises and does not betray the passage of time. The suppleness in the mouth and the aromas will also be an asset to accompany the Quebec veal striploin.

Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva 2017, SAQ code: 14790795, $25.60

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For the love of chocolate


Abbot Rous Valcros Banyuls

Chocolate is more difficult to combine than you might think. Wine can increase the bitterness of the dessert depending on the color and the percentage of cocoa it contains. Conversely, chocolate can make the drink bland and uninteresting. To make a successful pairing, fortified wines are valuable allies. Stronger in alcohol, rich in sugar and aromas, they go brilliantly with cocoa. Between sea and mountains, the region of Banyuls, in France, produces vintages filled with sunshine, among others with Grenache. This grape variety develops aromas of bright red fruits in symbiosis with the fruity side of this chocolate mousse. The acidity of the haskap marmalade will also go hand in hand with this wine produced by the Abbé Rous cellar. The small format (500 ml) and the low price of the bottle are a sure value.

Abbé Rous Valcros Banyuls, SAQ code: 855056, $17.70

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