Vaccine activist François Amalega Bitondo will remain detained until his trial

Anti-vaccine activist François Amalega Bitondo will remain in detention until his trial for obstructing the work of the police is held, a judge ruled Thursday morning.

The judge of the Municipal Court of the City of Montreal Annie-Claude Chassé has determined that his detention is the “only way” to ensure his presence at his trial, as he refuses to comply with the sanitary rules inside.

“Questioned by the court on his intention to respect the conditions obliging him to appear on his trial date in compliance with health rules, the latter was categorical to the effect that he would not wear a mask, like the requires the decree of Public Health in order to travel to a place like the Municipal Court of Montreal, ”said the judge. She added that he is not subject to any exemption mentioned in the decree and that he has no medical condition that justifies an exemption. “It is also under a false pretext that he was allowed to access it on September 28,” she said.

43 year old man to compare by videoconference from his cell in Bordeaux prison. Judge Marc Alain had issued an arrest warrant for him because he did not show up in the courtroom on Tuesday, refusing to wear a mask inside.

Judge Chassé asked that the trial be fixed quickly, for Friday, as François Amalega Bitondo has no criminal record and has already been in prison for a few days. “Otherwise we violate our rights”, she said, citing that it is a “rather special situation”.

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