The possible extension of the covid certificate to other sectors in CataloniaHow could it be in the world of the show or in the restoration, has slightly encouraged vaccination, especially of the most lagging group (20 to 34 years), with a slight rebound of 4,000 injections more this week compared to the previous one.

The incidence of the coronavirus continues to grow and reaches 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the accumulated 14 days, with an average of more than 800 new infections daily, which is leading ICUs to approach one hundred critical hospitalizations (97) .

For now, the government has extended the restrictions for two more weeks Valid until December 3, so the COVID certificate is only required to enter discos and banquets with an indoor dance floor.

But, if, as everything seems to indicate, the upward trend of incidence continues, the Government values ​​extending the COVID certificate to other sectors yet to be determined, which may affect restaurants and culture, a measure that would prioritize before recovering capacity restrictions and Schedule.

It could increase more if the certificate is requested

As it already happened when incorporating the covid certificate in nightclubs, Salut does not rule out that there may be a rebound in vaccination when, if necessary, it is extended to other sectors.

Salut does not observe a significant change in trend at the moment, although, according to the vaccination figures of the last days of the portal, there has been a discreet rebound in first and second doses: from November 4 to 10, 26,000 doses were injected while from November 11 to 17 there were 30,400, one week difference of just over 4,000 injections.

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The vaccination rate in Catalonia stands at 74.7% -83.7% if only those aged 12 or over are taken into account-, with only one group below 70%, that of 20 to 34 years ( 69%).

Third doses

In third doses, growth does go at a good pace and 405,208 injections have already been administered (90,000 given in the last week) to the groups prioritized so far -immunocompromised, users of residences and the population over 69 years old-, pending that in the next days the 60’s will be incorporated or more years and health personnel.

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“I believe that I will be more protected with the age that I have”, has expressed to Efe Pepita Fernández, that has gone to the enclosure of the Hospital of Sant Pau of Barcelona to receive the third dose.

At the door of this vaccination point it was observed this morning a queue of people waiting in the street: “We have to wait a bit, but they have treated us very well,” said another woman who I was already leaving with the third dose in my arm.

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