Vaccination of candidates attracts attention two days before polling day

Two days before the vote, Erin O’Toole still has not wanted to say how many of its candidates are vaccinated; Justin trudeau, which other party he intends to work with if he finds himself in the minority again. The Conservative and Liberal caravans returned to the suburbs of Toronto on Friday and Saturday to woo voters in this hotly contested zone one last time.

How many conservative candidates are adequately vaccinated against COVID-19? Like when he dodged Alberta pandemic management questionsOn Thursday, the Conservative leader again avoided answering journalists’ questions on Saturday during a stop in Dundas, west of Toronto. Even though the question has been asked five times, Erin O’Toole preferred to repeat her usual attacks on Justin Trudeau.

“Vaccines are the most important tools in our fight against COVID. […] I am not going to let a health crisis divide us, as Justin Trudeau does, ”replied Mr. O’Toole. The chief did not want to say if he knew the vaccination rate of his troops.

The duty reported from the first day of the election campaign that vaccination was not compulsory for Conservative Party candidatesunlike those of all the other parties. It has become one of the favorite angles of attack for Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who once again hit the nail on the head during his stay in Aurora, northeast of Toronto.

“Mr. O’Toole asks his candidates to hide their status [vaccinal] to Canadians. Why ? […] He is concerned about protecting the antivax in his caucus, ”said the Liberal leader.

The speeches of the Toronto suburbs of Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole had in common that they called for strategic voting and presented this election as a simple choice between Liberals and Conservatives. The chefs had also started their national tour on the outskirts of Canada’s largest city the day after the start of the electoral campaign, in mid-August, proof of the decisive importance of these constituencies.

“We see that the race is tighter than in 2019,” summarizes the professor of political science at McMaster University, Peter Graefe. The Conservative Party thinks it has chances in the periphery, but it is unlikely that it will make a breakthrough in more central places, like Mississauga, which it would need to form a government. “

Minority scenario

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau raised the specter of the cuts made by the Harper government, which “the Bloc could do nothing to prevent in the opposition. The outgoing Prime Minister did not want to comment on what he would do in the event of “hypothetical” scenarios of a minority re-election or an electoral defeat. However, he hinted that he would stay in office no matter what.

“I almost haven’t even finished all of the great things I plan to accomplish with the Canadiens […] We still have a lot to accomplish together, and I am extremely excited, not just about the days to come, but the years to come together. “

Speaking to the media in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Yves-Francois Blanchet, predicted Saturday that the careers of some of his opponents could end at the end of the poll on Monday. “It is possible that leaders do not stay at their posts,” he said in English.

Mr. Blanchet made a plea for a minority government in Ottawa, in which his role would not be simply to defend, but to promote the interests of Quebec, he specifies. “If we want a minority government, we vote for the Bloc. He again urged voters to vote “with your heart, your conscience, and your passion.” “

For its part, Jagmeet Singh was in Saskatchewan on Saturday. He sharply criticized the conservative provincial premiers of the west for their “horrible” management of the health crisis, recalling that his party is promising the establishment of a pan-Canadian vaccine passport. He rejected any call for strategic voting, saying that in his opinion, Justin Trudeau “is not a progressive”. In the event of a minority government scenario, Mr. Singh pledges to “make Parliament work for you”.

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