US senators urge the Mexican government to ensure fair union elections at Tridonex

United States senators They called on the government of Mexico to “guarantee fair elections within the framework of the USMCA” in the voting process of 1,600 workers in the company Tridonex (auto parts and brakes), located in Matamoros, Tamaulipaswhich will take place on February 28.

In a press release, senators Ron Wyden and Sherrod Brown They stated that the subsidiary of a US company “has continuously interfered in the organization efforts of the workers” and warned of risks due to “the hasty” date assigned by the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration to hold the elections.

For two years, senators from Oregon and Ohio argued, “Tridonex workers have been harassed and fired for trying to organize with the Independent National Union of Industrial and Service Workers ‘Movement 20/32’ (SNITIS)”.

They recalled that the representatives of the SNITIS union challenged the control of the collective labor agreement that covers the Tridonex plants, and “have denounced attempts by the union that has ownership (belonging to the CTM) to influence the election results through illegal bribes, the company’s refusal to allow the SNITIS to share its proposals with their workers and the recent regulations in the industrial park where Tridonex operates that could prevent former employees with the right to participate in the election from casting their vote”.

Likewise, they highlighted that one of the bets to improve the labor rightswas to include the rapid response mechanism when there is a violation of the syndical freedom and collective bargaining; It was a success, they stressed, that there are sanctions when corporations violate labor protections, and it gives the United States the authority to prevent products from entering United States if the companies continue with their tactics against the workers. When corporations are responsible for paying workers a living wage and treating them fairly, regardless of where those workers are located.

It should be remembered that on June 9, 2021, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) formally requested Mexico to review whether Tridonex workers had been denied the rights of free association and collective bargaining.

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