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The United States Air Force will investigate the discovery of human remains in the landing gear of one of its C-17s that took off last Monday from Kabul in full chaos at the airport and on its runways, with dozens of Afghans trying to catch a flight to escape after the fall of the Government and the victory of the Taliban.

The wreckage was found once the plane landed at its destination, the Al Udeid base in Qatar.

Already in videos broadcast that day, images that will go down in history, civilians can be seen up in different cracks of the aircraft even when they are already moving to start acceleration for takeoff. Such was the desperation that they cannot be seen getting off despite the high risk it entailed.

In other videos that have circulated these hours on social networks, you can see how bodies fall from the planes, and images certify that some fell on the roofs of the Afghan capital. According to account The Washington Post, the Air Force has begun investigations into the death of at least two people from this cause.

According The Washington Post, which has advanced this information, the Office of Special Investigations (OSI, in its acronym in English) will make an “exhaustive review” of what happened, including interviews and viewing all the material to which they may have access.

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Sources from the Air Force to the aforementioned media have explained that the C-17 operated on the only runway that was available to evacuate, in the first hours of the great humanitarian crisis that looms over Afghanistan, and that the apparatus “was surrounded by hundreds of civilians who had crossed the perimeter of the airport “. In view of the situation, according to these sources, the crew chose to take off as soon as possible.

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