US eliminates senior Al Qaeda official in drone attack

  • The Central Command spokesman confirms that the operation culminated in the death of Abdul Hamid al Matar

The Central Command of The United States announced on Friday that it had killed a senior al Qaeda official in a drone attack in northwestern Syria, office spokesman John Rigsbee announced in a statement.

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“Al Qaeda continues to present a threat to the United States and its allies,” said Rigsbee, who has assured that the elimination of this high position, identified as Abdul Hamid al Matar, “will interrupt the ability of the terrorist organization to plan and execute attacks. policies against (…) innocent civilians. ” The office spokesman also recalled that the United States “will continue to target members of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations that plan to attack US territory.”

According to the Central Command, which oversees operations in the Middle East, Al Qaeda uses Syria as a platform to rebuild and planning operations in “Syria, Iraq and beyond.” The announcement comes two days after the United States denounced a drone attack and direct fire on a military base that houses its troops in the Syrian desert.

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