US Defense Minister apologizes for Kabul blunder

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin on Friday presented his “apologies” for the Kabul blunder, which killed ten Afghan civilians just before the US withdrawal.

“I offer my deepest condolences to the surviving relatives of those who were killed,” he said in a statement, acknowledging that the man targeted was “just an innocent victim, like other people tragically. killed ”.

“We apologize, and we will do our best to learn from this horrible mistake,” he added, as the US military admitted that the drone strike was a blunder.

“No army works as hard as ours to avoid civilian casualties. When we have reason to believe that we have taken innocent lives, we investigate and, if it is true, we acknowledge it, ”he said.

The US military acknowledged on Friday that its last strike in Afghanistan, August 29 in Kabul, which killed “ten civilians” including “up to seven children”, was “a tragic mistake”.

“It is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were linked to IS-K,” the Islamic State-Khorasan jihadist group, or posed “a direct threat to US forces,” he told reporters. General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the American forces in Afghanistan before their final withdrawal.

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