US backs renewable energy companies in Mexico

The United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, met on Friday with business representatives of firms in the renewable energy sector, amid the discussion generated by the Mexican government’s electricity reform initiative.

“Many companies in the United States and Mexico are bringing clean, affordable and reliable energy to Mexico. Leaders of the electricity sector told me first-hand about their continuous work to achieve this goal ”, the diplomat published on his Twitter account, in a message that he accompanied with a photograph accompanied by business representatives.

The meeting took place in the same week that Salazar held another meeting with Mexican government officials to clarify the content of the reform initiative.

Also through his Twitter account, Ken Salazar reported that he went to the National Palace to learn more about “the impetus for reform” and that he expressed the United States’ concern about the content of the legislative project.

The presidential initiative plans to return to the State the monopoly of the commercialization of electricity and limit the participation of private parties in generation to 46% of the total through new participation mechanisms, since their current generation permits would be canceled, including those of catering.

In addition, it contemplates giving priority to the dispatch of electrons produced in the Federal Electricity Commission plants, leaving in the last places the electric fluid generated in private plants, both thermal and from wind and photovoltaic sources, which are currently dispatched first.

Also on Friday, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to cease the “unfounded” attacks against members of the business sector, after he accused companies such as Bimbo or FEMSA of acting selfishly in their self-sufficiency scheme. electric.

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