The tone had been set as soon as the municipal won: the rules of construction and development were going to change in Tours, in Indre-et-Loire. Finished, the mad race for permits as the north of the city has known it in recent years. Urban planning would henceforth be “Friendly”, at the pedestrian scale, regulated, and above all adapted to the climate emergency. The requirements would be presented the same day to promoters, planners, landlords, builders, architects, “So that everyone hears the same thing at the same time”, explained at the beginning of summer 2020 Cathy Savourey, the urban planning assistant of the new ecological mayor. And those for whom it does not suit will go and build elsewhere.

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The meeting of June 23, proposed to nearly 200 professionals, was courteous, but the determination intact. It was especially a question of “Through housing”, which facilitate drafts, but also “ balanced relationship between full soil [jusqu’à 35 % sur certains îlots] and the constructive grip “,” of the rule of three thirds [un tiers d’accession libre, un tiers de logements sociaux, un tiers d’accession sociale], for a real mix of each operation ”, or of the “Need to keep various jobs in the city to limit daily trips”. Everything is included in a 40-page document, the “Benchmark for ecological and united town planning”, kind of guide for “Orient [la] urban production “. To refer to it, explains the chosen one, it is ” win time “ at the time of the preliminary design, this phase of negotiation which precedes the formal instruction of the building permit.

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Adapt to “torrential rains” and “scorching heat”

“We are not above ground, we are aware of your financial problems”, wanted to clarify, that morning, the mayor, Emmanuel Denis, to anticipate criticism. We want to work with you, the professionals (…). But climate change forces us to have a different reflection on how to build the city. »We must not only “Reduce greenhouse gas consumption”, but also adapt to “Torrential rains” and to “Scorching heat”. “We will expect extremely strong innovations from you to prepare for temperatures of 50 degrees. “

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