Updated Xbox Edge Browser Can Play Stadia, Access Discord

Microsoft has launched a new Xbox dashboard update which includes an updated version of your Edge browser.

The new Chromium version of Edge, which is available on all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles, is capable of allowing users to stream Google Stadia games, access the web version of Discord, and more.

Microsoft says the new version of Edge promises a “fast, secure and modern browsing experience right from your console.” The Xbox version of Edge looks identical to the desktop version, with vertical tabs, bookmarks syncing, history, and more. However, it seems to be Extension support missing.

Since Xbox consoles include mouse and keyboard support, you will be able to use the input method to browse the web and play Stadia. However, there is currently no microphone support for live chat or Discord platforms.

The simple fact that Stadia can now be played through an Xbox console is pretty mind-boggling.

Source: Xbox

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