The solidification of the Pont des Piles, which spans the Saint-Maurice River in Shawinigan, Mauricie, could cost up to $9 million.

Given the urgency of its reopening, Transports Québec awarded a contract, without a call for tenders, by mutual agreement, to the contractor Eurovia.

This amount will eventually be sufficient to cover all costs, without exception.

“It really includes all the reinforcement work, so the work that is currently being done, the installation of the pylons and the guys, plus the supply of all of these materials,” explained Marie-Ève. Turner, director of Transports Québec in Mauricie.

It must be said that the reinforcement structure should in any case have been built during the demolition stage of this bridge, in a few years, once its replacement is ready right next to it.

The Pont des Piles was completely closed to traffic on February 3 due to the deterioration of its condition and the deformation present in its center.

The construction of this bridge, however, only dates back to 1978. Up to 12,000 vehicles, including nearly 2,000 heavy goods vehicles, crossed it every day.

Transport Quebec still hopes to be able to reopen it by the end of the year and maintain access until the new bridge is built.

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