UNOPS aside; Health and Finance take back the reins

Everything seems to indicate that things are returning to their place and now the Mexican government decided to take charge of something as priority as the purchases of medicines, vaccines and other medical supplies towards the supply of 2022.

And something important is that the tools developed for these vital purchasing processes are used again. The Compranet platform will be used, which, although complicated, was shown to be much more transparent than that of UNOPS since it is the time when the final figures of the purchase made by the agency are not known in detail.

According to the program of activities of what will now be called, no longer consolidated purchase, but “consolidated contracting process”, a multi-year purchase 2022-2024 will no longer be carried out as was the plan originally announced in July 2020.

Although this is not clearly reported, more and more elements show that UNOPS is being pushed aside, or may have a limited role in purchasing from now on, but it is not known what that will be.

According to a letter headed by the Ministry of Health and Insabi, signed by the secretary Jorge Alcocer and the Chief Financial Officer, Thalía Lagunas -which circulates among the industry-, each of the steps and dates of Consolidated tenders for the purchase of medicines, healing materials and other health supplies, including vaccines, for the supply of a large part of the public system by 2022.

The institutions that will include your request are the Secretariat of National Defense, the Navy, the IMSS, the ISSSTE, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion led by Hugo López-Gatell (which is understood to include vaccines and contraceptives), the highly specialized network of the CCINSHAE and the body that runs the Centers for Prevention and Social Readaptation. As made clear from the market investigation in October, Pemex is out of this purchase.

The first process will be the purchase of vaccines whose call will be published in Compranet, according to said official letter, and here the question is whether the purchase of anticovid vaccines will also be included because the issue will no longer be from the Chancellery but from the Health authorities, but it is a point that is still unknown.

The publication of the call for the purchase of vaccines will be issued on CompraNet on November 23, and the final ruling will be for December 22, the same date for the failure of healing materials, laboratory and other supplies for the sector. For drugs and therapeutic goods, the process started on November 5, the call will be published on the 30th and the ruling will be on December 30.

It will be interesting to know now that the calls begin to be issued if the previous scheme will be returned to allow specialized distributors to participate, which would be the most logical if the money authorities, that is, the Ministry of Finance, have already seen with clear figures that the broth has been more expensive than the meatballs in every way.

They decided to buy directly from the manufacturing laboratories, seeking to achieve savings and transparency, but without having all the elements on the risks and costs that it means if this specialized distribution is not planned and correctly done. It is the date on which it has not been possible to put order in the distribution and distribution, because although they have made purchases, they have not been able to finish solving the last mile. The cost has been too high especially for patients who continue to suffer shortages and breaks in their treatments.

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