The United Kingdom, where the Omicron variant of the coronavirus advances with great rapidity, registered on Wednesday its daily record of Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began, according to official figures.

One of the most affected countries in Europe, with 146,791 deaths to date, the country registered 78,610 new infections in 24 hours. The previous daily record was 68,053 and dated back to January 8, in full advance of the Alpha variant.

The government of Boris Johnson imposed new restrictions this week to try to stop the rapid advance of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, much more contagious.

And it launched a massive booster vaccine campaign with the goal of administering a third dose to everyone 18 and older before the end of the year.

By Wednesday, 43% of adults had already received the injection, according to official figures. 81.5% of those over 12 years old already have the first two, according to the same source.

Johnson is due to hold a press conference on Wednesday to report on the progress of the campaign.

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