United Conservative MP denounces bullying of Jason Kenney and his administration

Peter Guthrie posted a video on his Facebook profile denouncing the bad behavior and lack of professionalism that afflicts this administration [du Parti conservateur uni].

The MP is sorry to have seen a political employee of the government portraying MPs critical of the Prime Minister as clowns in a Twitter message. He also denounces the derogatory messages of other members of Jason Kenney’s close guard, including one directed at him, accusing him of pouring into conspiracy theories.

When senior political employees feel it is appropriate to attack elected officials, it should come as no surprise that the conflict persists. Personal attacks would not be tolerated in any work environment I have seen, says Peter Guthrie in his video. This is one of the reasons why many denounce them. Nor should we ignore that the voices most opposed to this bullying come from women in our caucus.

He refers to MPs Leela Aheer and Angela Pitt who have been highly critical of the prime minister, with the former even calling for him to resign. MPs Dave Hanson, Richard Gotfried, Drew Barnes, Todd Loewen, Brian Jean and Jason Stephan have also all criticized Jason Kenney’s leadership in recent weeks.

Fourteen people stand on the steps of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, in front of a podium.

Seven United Conservative Party MPs and riding association presidents denounced Jason Kenney’s change to the confidence vote rules.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Audrey Neveu

This arrogance is not curbed by the Prime Minister, because it supports his objectives. It is no different from the left. In their minds, it’s okay to do unethical or questionable things if it benefits them or is a means to an endcontinues Peter Guthrie in his video.

The Prime Minister encourages disrespectful behavior through his own actions. He leads by example. »

A quote from Peter Guthrie, MP for Airdrie-Cochrane

Peter Guthrie’s bullying tip follows Angela Pitt’s last week following the tweet calling disgruntled MPs clowns. This is exactly the kind of harassment and intimidation that comes from the Prime Minister’s staff every day. MPs offer differing opinions and they are ridiculed, called clowns or crazyshe complains.

MP Jason Stephan also denounced the prime minister’s authoritarianism in veiled terms in a speech to the Legislative Assembly last week.

Some say ‘of course we can be united, but only if you agree with me’. That’s not unitybegan Jason Stephan.

Some say unity requires following the leader, but Mr. President, what if you’re taken to the edge of a cliff? Should you drop like a lemming? Nope, he added. He then called for honesty and telling the truth, even if it disturb the status quo.

Jason Kenney believes he was too tolerant

In a live on Facebook last week, Jason Kenney replied that he believes he has been too tolerant to dissidents in his own caucus. He said that if members of the United Conservative Party choose to call a leadership race, he will respect their decision with gratitude.

However, if they overwhelmingly support his leadership in the vote of confidence, Jason Kenney will take this verdict as a mandate for our entire team, including our caucus, to take control of ourselves, to focus our attention on the NDP and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and not on ourselves, and to renew our team spirit and our disciplinehe said.

Albertans do not expect a soap opera from their government. They don’t want to see family bickering. »

A quote from Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

I believe there are very legitimate times when MPs can speak on behalf of their constituents and share their opinions on public policy. If it becomes a constant internal civil war, however, I don’t think that’s acceptable.he added, recalling the emphasis he will put on discipline if he wins.

Of never seen in Alberta politics

Political scientist from Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta, Frédéric Boily, believes that the internal war within the United Conservative Party has reached a level never seen in modern Alberta politics. Often these squabbles occur in small political formations. The most surprising aspect is that it is the party in governmenthe analyzes.

Also, what is different is the nature of the reviews. They are very strong and they not only denounce a drift, but they suggest that it is deeply rooted in the chef’s style.he continues.

According to Frédéric Boily, the division is such within the PCU that it will be difficult, if not impossible in the short term, to rally the various factions, regardless of the result of Jason Kenney’s vote of confidence.


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