Unions in the automotive sector must move towards Revolution 4.0, warns Tereso Medina

With the objective of aligning efforts and goals to world trends, which mark the end of the next decade of the production of automobiles that use gasoline or Diesel, the automotive industry in Mexico is in full transition and adaptation of production processes in which the unions are immersed, above all, to achieve the transition towards the new skills that companies will require to maintain jobs.

This was stated by Tereso Medina, deputy general secretary of the CTMwho explained that in the next five years, any of the brands with a presence in the national territory must be producing hybrid models and within 10 years the total number of vehicles will be electric.

Assembly companies and auto parts manufacturers will have to change their processes for automation and digital systems, so new worker profiles will be required to cover the demand that the 4.0 revolution will require,” said the union leader.

He added that “we are in a key process in the transformation of the automotive industry in Mexico. In a few years the use of fuels will be obsolete and we must bet on the use of renewable energies. New careers will be opened and from the unions we must also begin to modify our vision and adapt to the agenda of the new working class that is emerging.

Medina exemplified that in some assemblers, especially auto parts, on the one hand it employs 2,500 workers to provide auto parts to the traditional system in the diesel gasoline engine factory; But when testing another larger warehouse in San Luis Potosí to supply the manufacture of electric cars, they will require around 160 technicians; then “there will come a time when the unions have to see how they are going to do it or what role they are going to play in the future with this Revolution called Artificial Intelligence”.

It should be noted that the automotive sector is one of the main sectors to be supervised in compliance with labor rights; Well, there are 4 complaints filed because the right to unionization and collective bargaining has been denied.

In this regard, the union leader stressed that “these are issues that have to be added to the processes of change, so that the workers are the ones who determine who will represent them.”


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