Only a re-outbreak, due to the community transmission of the Ómicron variant of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, would prevent trade union organizations from renewing their directives by secret and direct vote, in compliance with the labor reform and the T-MEC.

The terms were suspended, due to the health contingency. But according to what is estimated by the Ministry of Labor, led by Luisa María Alcalde, the teachers’ union and the oil workers could go to the polls in the first quarter of 2022. The implementation of electronic voting, suggested by the federal Executive, does not It is ruled out, but there are currently conditions – according to the demands of dissident groups to the acting directors – to install the ballot boxes and call on the union rank and file to fully exercise their rights.

If the INE alleged budget insufficiencies to organize the consultation on the revocation of the mandate, it could well gather resources if it called for union votes, but neither the federal authorities nor the union organizations contemplate such scenarios.

Oil workers could go to the polls before spring 2022. According to the SNTPRMM Statute, to replace Carlos Romero Deschamps, any member of the organization who has valid rights can run for office, regardless of their hierarchy within the union. .

Among the oil bases has emerged the candidacy of César Pecero Lozano, who has visited the 36 sections with a plan to combat corruption under his belt and the promise to end union terrorism that was installed in the union for three decades, when Joaquín Hernández Galicia la Quina was imprisoned by the Salinas government.

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The government of the Republic is in the spirit of contributing to the democratization of the unions, but it is also committed to respecting their autonomy. And in taking care of these precarious balances, it has granted vote-by-vote counting – delayed by the health contingency – instead of electronic ballot boxes.

In the SNTE, the National Movement for Trade Union Transformation was formally established 10 days ago to demand the immediate resignation of the current secretary general, Alfonso Cepeda, and the election of a new board of directors.

It would be, in any case, a change in the medium term. This magisterial dissidence is currently fighting for renewal in other instances – among them the oil union, where they support Sergio Carlos Morales Quintana – and has established alliances with other organizations, such as the National Automotive Union, led by the cetemist Tereso Medina.

Before electing the new leadership of the SNTE, the Movement fights for a “profound reform of the statutes, as well as the social demands of the education workers.” Of course, its leaders are currently promoting the collection of signatures to request the INE a consultation for the ratification of AMLO’s mandate.

Side effects

BACK. With an increase of 16.7% compared to the previous year, the Congress of Querétaro approved the 2022 fiscal package proposed by the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, who will be able to exercise more than 45,000 million pesos free of debt. The finance secretary, Gustavo Arturo Leal Maya, assured that the state revenues will be used to finance the programs and actions that Queretaro society most demands.

FIFTH? As was announced here a week ago, the PRI will take a hand in the designation of the candidacies for the governorships in Hidalgo and Durango, while the PAN will propose the Alliance flag-bearers in Aguascalientes and Tamaulipas. The PRD will be a loyal partner and bets on the nomination in Quintana Roo for one of its own, but gender parity and the polls work against it. The measurements have detected that Mara Lezama and Marybel Villegas Canché are among the best evaluated applicants, in pursuit of Morena’s candidacy in that peninsular entity. Their teams, however, have ignored the recommendations of the party leadership and have exchanged media pujas. In the end, the determining factor in that case will be gender parity and the opposition alliance is enlisted in the event that the contest has protagonists. The measurements reveal a prospect: Laura Lynn Fernández Piña, former mayor of Puerto Morelos, former secretary of Tourism of the state government and current federal deputy.

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FAILED. Sad Christmas will have Intec Medios de Pago, issuer of electronic purses of food vouchers, because it was left without the authorization issued by the SAT to offer its services. Thus, in addition to being tied by the arms, Héctor Anaya’s company has been accused of fraud on various occasions; Without forgetting that when 2020 began, the Citizen Comptroller of the Government of Zapopan disqualified it for three years to enter into contracts at the state level.


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