Unemployment falls by 74,000 people and is at its lowest level since 2008

  • Employment adds new employees for the third consecutive month and records its best November in 20 years

November was a double record month for the working market Spanish, which is enduring, for the moment, the turbulence of a inflation fired. The unemployment it fell by 74,381 people, placing the total number of unemployed at 3.18 million people; below precovid levels and at its lowest level since 2008. This is the result of the push from job, that It grew again this November for the third consecutive month and added 61,768 new employees, its best record since 2000. Spain has been working for a few months in the workplace in which it has chained record numbers, with a labor market that during 2021 has reduced the workers affected by for him to a minimum, with a total of 116,584 employees suspended on the last day of the month.

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Neither the escalation of inflation, nor the shortage of supplies, nor the new covid variable is holding back, for the moment, the generalized boom in the labor market. November has broken statistics this year. It tends to be a usually bad month for employment, with the Christmas campaign still a month away, the start-up hires already made and the influx of summer exhausted. Only in three out of 10 November has there been an increase in employed persons compared to the previous month. This year the total number of employed persons has risen and reaches 19.75 million people. If those affected by erte were subtracted from these, the number of active workers would continue to be higher than before the covid and before the outbreak of the real estate and financial crisis from 2008.


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