UNAM lost its essence, became individualistic and neoliberal: AMLO

Neoliberalism, which prevailed in Mexico for 36 years, affirmed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, led even graduates of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE) defend this model that favors the private sector over the public sector.

“I would like to advance further, I cannot because it was a long time behind, looting, but in addition to manipulation, a long time. They affected two generations, in public universities, until the ONE she became an individualist, a defender of these neoliberal projects. It lost its essence of training cadres, of professionals to serve the people.

“There are no longer the old economists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, there is no constitutional law, agrarian law is history, labor law; everything is commercial, civil, criminal, everything is this” –he said– making the money sign. “So, it was a process of decline, fortunately there is this opportunity to lay the foundations for the transformation and, if possible, consummate the Fourth Transformation, but it is a process.”

He revealed that it is even difficult for him to implement his projects because his government officials who work in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) defend neoliberalism.

“No, if they were formed on the idea of ​​privatization. If what affected the neoliberal model the most was that they were brainwashed, with all due respect, and the only thing they learned was that the private sector was better than the private sector. We had to dilute the state and leave everything to the private sector. So, it cost us, even in the Treasury, in here, because they were 36 years of neoliberal politics. “

The statements of the Mexican president on the ONE they outraged opposition senators.

“UNAM is the center of political plurality in Mexico. UNAM, president, has generated thousands of professionals and scientists, has generated art, culture and there is a plurality where all UNAM graduates, like you, like me, and like Many of those present here express our ideas without being restricted by anyone. With all due respect, UNAM should not be in a national debate, UNAM, on the contrary, we must close ranks to continue strengthening it, ” said the senator. PRI member Manuel Añorve from his seat during the ordinary session of the plenary chamber.

The PAN senator Kenia López regretted “very much the stigmatization” that the president does about the ONE.

“I am a graduate of UNAM and I find it very regrettable that the Federal Executive injures, damages, violates our highest house of studies. Today, again, from the morning, he dared, I would say irresponsibly, to point out to this institution, that initially in his name bears his quality, and is autonomous. This president will leave, as they have all left, but the institution, our highest house of studies, will prevail, “said the legislator.

Until this Thursday night, the highest house of studies had not established an official position; However, distinguished graduates repudiated the president’s statements on social media.

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