Ukraine: the bar, the cyber army and the green men who prevent the Spanish military

  • Four factors for a wargame with opinions of three uniformed experts

El time-lapse, cybernetic attacks, extension by sea and hybrid air its four elements in which coincide with the Spanish military to the value of the many operational factors that confuse in one more war or less aborted Russia and the OTAN by Ukraine.

Three high-ranking officials and specialists of the Armored Forces have helped with their opinions to configure this little one wargamein the days in which Occidente y Rusia is entering a new stage of war, at the moment, free.

1- In my opinion, more bar.

Joe Biden he told the Ukrainian president that Moscow would attack in February. The current corridor against Russia in this crisis. “If you want to do something in the Donbass, han de hacerlo ya & rdquor ;, creates one of the consulted mandates. Not only does this mean that Ukraine does not want to go further with the help of the West: to refer to the approximation of final of the winter, which does not favor the huge military deployment on the Ukrainian front. One more time, the invariant Russian game on paper, but this time he is the villain, and no hell, the one who is playing against whoever he is.

The vehicles driven prefieren the heel to the bar. The Donbass – the valley of the Donets – is a humane zone in the first place, and – if Ukraine agrees to use the carriages – a large park of Russian vehicles Encounters in huge barriersappeared on the XX in the Wermacht carriage.

Of the consultants, one disagrees with an argument: Russia has broken down cars and blinds, but also, and for the lot, big

Russia has incorporated sangre lots into its display. There is one indication for women who screened an attack: a song ball donated for 42 days

cantidad de medios de ingenieros. Además, has traded tanks T80 UM of the arctic zonesvulnerable vulnerabilities ahead of the bar: no used diesel engines – better for the holiday, in any case, as the gasoline antique-, its powerful gas turbines, as well as helicopters.

Pero hay acuerdo general en la importance of time factor, and the calendar does not need to be corrected. Reuters has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. There is one indication for women to support the onslaught of an attack: a donkey spoon donated for 42 days, following the common sanitation protocol, even during the last week of conservation is considered life. Its optimal duration is 35 days.

2- The hybrid war and the guerrillas

“Any incident in Crimea, on the Kerch Strait or on the Azov Sea, may be excused Putin needs to continue its expansionist years and occupy the Riviera region of the Sea of ​​Azov, having the possibility of no frene su avance hasta llegar a Odessa & rdquor;advertised in the latest issue of the Naval Training Squadron (Ministry of Defense, November 2021) El teniente de Navío Javier Alonso López de Sabando.

The key is the “incident & rdquor ;, the chispa that justifies a formal attack or one of hybrid war. The militaries of the OTAN desempolvan this invierno el Defender’s Dilemma reference manual to start the war in “the gray zone & rdquor ;, cuya doctrina attribute Occidente al jefe de Estado Mayor ruso Valeri Gerasimov. Its plant plants are located outside the display of the “green umbrellas & rdquor; –Soldados sin logotipos ni bandera- que tomaron Crimea en 2014.

“There is a possibility that Putin did not go ahead with his advance to read in Odessa”, calculates the review of the Naval think tank

Here is another conventional planting material, per the OTAN: Stay Behind (permanent retreat). In a large-scale cobra invasion, the guerrillas, “with the objective of make impossible, or charismatic, the permanence of the invader & rdquor;, explains a general consultant. This is a sign of tradition in frontier lands with the ancient USSR training in resistance speeches. Russia is aware of its importance. In addition to plant reduction support, the Special Operations and Paramilitary Units are the only ones that have been incremented by effective human beings since the wall of the wall, in 1991, both in Russia and in Ukraine.

But now in the ancient territory of the Warsaw Pact affected by the OTAN, the value of the guerrilla is influenced by the doctrine Stay Behind of the Atlantic Alliance: make it a force to invade and host with a tupida red of resistance, espionage and strategic strategic deployment of tropes of special operations and civilian collaborators. The red series prepares with visions for an invasion. For example, now.

3 – Ciberhiroshima.

At the end of the week, when the cesarean sections of the Ugadugú boroughs, burkina faso’s capital, groups of civilians are salaried and in the back of the golfers’ cesarean section. Spanish residents refer to this diary that is available insolitas banderas rusas.

It was the same day that in Mali – also a European combat zone against jihadism in the Sahel – there was a communication fake of a malicious goblin “of transition & rdquor; which exchanges diplomatic, economic and military relations with France.

All military forces consulted coincidentally to report the suspicion on the activity of mercenaries of the company rusa Wagner in the zone. Le monde published this week’s Wagner’s most famous patrons, Evgeni Prigojinelooking for Vladimir Putin, saluting the Gulf of Estado.

The destabilization of missions of the OTAN or its members in Africa and the Orient Medium could form part of the hybrid war. Pero

One of the military consultants evaluated possible cybernetic days and retarded companies in retaguardia

is not the only invisible amenity. In an article by the Naval Training Squadrons (Ministry of Defense, June 2021), the Navy Captain Enrique Cubeiro recuerda que “son muchos analysts que han alertado sober la altísima posibilidad de un “Ciber-Hiroshima & rdquor; o a “Ciber-Pearl Harbor & rdquor; & rdquor ;. It’s one of the sources to evaluate possible data in retaguaria: companies, public services and occidental financial entities victim of this extension of the Donbass War.

About the potential ruso in other ambiguity, the electronica, since the denunciation of the Norwegian and Finnish Defense Ministries was reported by Reuters on March 18, 2019, according to the cual Russia supports GPS in these lands and in the Arctic during one of the maneuvers of the OTAN.

4.- No todo el mar es Negro.

At the minute 01:00, the death of a navy raised a red button. A missile Caliber emerge from the oceanrises in the sky with a white star and shines against a balise in a bright Siberian landscape.

Here is a video of two minutes that the Ministry of Defense released the passage of 20 days in social speeches the potential of the submarine Volkhov. And the scene is not in the Negro Lake, in the Sea of ​​Japan.

It’s an advertisement. The militaries consulted not considering the Black Sea and the Azov naval scenario unique of a direct or indirect OTAN conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

United States concentrates its three ports and its front-line combat units in China, and only one at a time in the Black Sea area

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Although the Russian Navy’s Russian fleet reunited 25,000 marines, submarines, an anphibious group, 25 war bucks and other 200 auxiliaries in the bases of Sebatopol and Feodosya, the experts signal the map of disposition of naval groups of the United States this year.

The map is eloquent: front to the Chinese costs, the combating groups of the porters Ronald Reagan, Carl Vinson and Abraham Lincoln, the Expecionario Naval América Group and the Anfibio Essex Group; in the Oriental Mediterranean, only the porters Harry S. Truman and his group, in a displeasure disassembly that included the Spanish fragment Blas de Lezo.

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