Ukraine reports that electricity has already been restored at the Chernobyl plant

The power supply at the nuclear power plant Chernobylinactive since the 1986 nuclear accident and which was taken over by Russian forces in the first days of the invasion of Ukrainewas restored reported Sunday officials in Kiev.

“Today, thanks to the incredible efforts of (Ukrainian energy) specialists, our nuclear power engineers and electricians managed to restore power to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which was taken over by the Russian occupiers,” said the Ukrainian energy minister, German Galushchenkoit’s a statement.

“Our Ukrainian power engineers, risking their own health and lives, were able to avoid the risk of a possible nuclear catastrophe that threatened the entire Europe“, he added.

Although electricity was cut at the plant, where the world’s worst nuclear disaster took place, the UN atomic watchdog said there was “no critical safety impact”.

The Chernobyl site, located in an exclusion zone, includes reactors that were decommissioned after 1986, including reactor number 4 covered by a sarcophagus, and radioactive waste deposits.

Russian forces also bombed and captured the plant Zaporizhiathe biggest europe atomic power planton March 4, causing a fire that raised fears of a possible nuclear catastrophe.

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