Ukraine needs $60 billion to repair physical infrastructure after Russian invasion: World Bank

The world Bank estimates that the impact of the warlike invasion of Russia on Ukraine It has left damage to physical infrastructure for some 60,000 million dollars.

In a first count of damage to Ukraine’s physical capital, the president of the world BankDavid Malpass emphasized that this number will continue to rise as the war progresses.

And he noted that the figure does not quantify the economic cost generated by the unfortunate loss of life and the exodus that has occurred of women of productive age and children.

During an online conference he held with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in the framework of the Spring Meetings, Malpass recognized that in addition to this bill, the government and state companies of that country face a significant non-military fiscal deficit and a debt burden. As well as action to support relief, recovery and reconstruction.

The president of world Bank projected that as they move into the six to eight months after peace, they will need to prioritize rebuilding connectivity networks for essential infrastructure such as transportation, power, heating and digital.

And then, in the medium term, always after the end of the war, they will have to develop strategies to strengthen the country’s macro-fiscal capacity, rebuild cities and homes, and strengthen the agricultural and business sectors from scratch.

It is 7,000 million dollars that Ukraine needs

In the meeting, broadcast online, Zelensky commented that the country needs 7,000 million dollars a month to pay for the minimum economic management of the government. These resources include social assistance, health, pension payments and civil servant salaries.

The Ukrainian president pointed out that Russia’s advance has destroyed everything that would once serve as an economic support for the nation, that is, food warehouses, sowing fields, refineries and transport stations.

The figure is above the initial estimate given by the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, of 5,000 million dollars a month for three months.

the president of Ukraine asked member countries to exclude Russia immediately from all international financial institutions. The sympathy of the majority of the members of the IMF by Ukraine was observed from the G20 meeting, as they invited him to the forum.


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