Ukraine forced the world to look at itself in a mirror. It put an end to myths, brought truths to the surface, and thereby triggered several existential crises.

Europe is no longer the same. We can say that when she looked in the mirror she realized that she was naked, and that a mixture of modesty and surprise made her try to start dressing with “the power” of being able to defend herself with or without the United States.

The cases of Poland and Germany illustrate this perfectly.

As a consequence of the conflict, Poland decided to increase the percentage of GDP allocated to defense. Going from 2 to 3% in the next year. At the same time, Germany has decided to include an investment of 100,000 million euros in military investments within this year’s budget, and expand it to a minimum of 2% of GDP for next year.

All this while it plans to acquire up to 35 US F35 fighter jets. Having in this way renewed the wardrobe, to dress according to the time. With all that this implies.

Something similar happens in Australia. The mainland island will invest 7,392 million dollars in the construction of a new nuclear submarine base with US technology, for defense in the Indo-Pacific. Materializing in this way the fears that are transferred from Russia to China, and from Ukraine to Taiwan.

Meanwhile China liked what she saw in the mirror. The fact that the United States, as well as France and Germany, have sought it to try to find a solution to this conflict, reaffirms its weight in the international system and its possibility of sitting at the table of the countries that govern the destinies of the world.

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Hence, Russia feels so protected by the “unlimited friendship” it has with that country. Allowing her in some way to balance the collateral damage caused by the end of the myth of her military robustness. Although on this occasion, she has been able to make it clear to the world that she is one to take up arms.

On the other hand, the United States found something different than the last time it looked in the mirror. His muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be and he can’t stretch as far as he used to, to encompass the entire world. In addition to seeing the image of China reflected in the distance, he knows that an existential crisis is coming that he will soon have to solve because who will he be in the world if he is no longer number one?

That question will only be resolved as the story progresses. However, at this moment he realizes that intensifying the contrast between good and evil, at this moment makes it stronger. Hence Biden taking the lead on economic sanctions against Russia, threatening China with repercussions if it helps it militarily or economically, and calling Putin a “war criminal.”

Finally, Latin America saw itself in the mirror the same as always, in a world that has already changed and that it still does not understand.

“I am alone and there is no one in the mirror.” Better, Borges could not have said it.

Last one out turn off the light

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Last one out turn off the light

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