Ukraine confirms more than 3,000 deaths from war with Russia

  • The President of Ukraine describes a “brutal night” and again accuses Moscow of attacking civilian infrastructure

In the daily report of this Sunday, the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have estimated in more than 3,000 Russian troops killed, as well as 200 prisoners of war. In addition, they have indicated that they have destroyed 16 planes, 18 helicopters, 102 tanks, 540 armored cars and a ‘Buk’ missile system. The country’s president, Volodimir Zelensky, has described a “brutal night”, during which Russian forces have attacked “civilian areas” without military infrastructure. The Ukrainian Minister of Health reported this Saturday that 198 civilians have died, including three children, and a thousand have been injured since the start of the Russian invasion on Thursday. [Sigue la última hora de la guerra de Rusia y Ucrania en directo.]

“The Russians are attacking everything, ambulances included”, has lamented. At the same time, the president has announced the creation of the so-called International Legion for Territorial Defense of Ukraine, a special unit for foreigners sympathetic to the country’s cause, the president said, to join the final against the Russian invasion. “Unfortunately, according to operational data, 198 people died at the hands of the invaders, including three children, and 1,115 were injured, including 33 children.”, Minister Viktor Liashko has detailed on Facebook. In addition, the Russian offensive has caused the flight of more than 150,000 Ukrainians from the country, as well as 100,000 internally displaced persons, according to the UN.

Situation “quiet” in Kiev

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have assured that the situation in Kiev is “calm” and that the capital is “completely controlled” by the Ukrainian Army after the various clashes that have taken place in the city on the fourth day of the conflict. “The situation in Kiev is calm, the capital is completely controlled by the Army and defense of Ukraine. There were several clashes with sabotage groups at night,” said Mykola Povoroznyk, the first deputy head of the Kiev State Administration, according to the Ukrainian agency UNIAN.

On the other hand, Russian military forces claim to have destroyed 975 targets of Ukraine’s military infrastructure since the start of the attack on the country, according to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. Likewise, the Russian Ministry of Defense has reported the destruction of 23 command centers, 48 ​​radars and 31 anti-aircraft systems, among other military installations. The Russian troops would have destroyed 223 tanks, 143 armored cars, 86 artillery units, 39 rocket launchers, 11 drones, eight planes and seven helicopters.

Russia denies targeting civilians

The Russian Defense Ministry assured that the country’s Armed Forces are not attacking Ukrainian cities.

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“The Russian Armed Forces they do not attack Ukrainian cities. There is no threat to the peaceful population,” Defense said in a statement.

The Russian military indicated that high-precision weapons are used against military infrastructure, anti-aircraft batteries and Ukrainian air bases.

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