Ukraine begins new round of talks with Russia; Zelenski sees them “difficult”

The new round of talks between Ukraine and Russia, which began on Monday, is leading to “difficult negotiations”, said the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyand stated that he would give more information about his progress “at night”.

“We have to stand firm and fight to win, to achieve the peace that the Ukrainians deserve, an honest peace with security guarantees for our state, for our people. And put them in writing in the negotiations, difficult negotiations,” he said in a statement. video speech.

“Today a videoconference has started between the delegations [ucraniana y rusa]. It’s still running. Everyone is waiting for news. We will return in the evening,” Zelensky added.

Before Zelensky, one of his negotiators, Mykhailo Podoliak, who is taking part in the talks, had said that “communication [con Moscú] it is still established although it is complicated”.

“The reason for our disagreements comes from the fact that we have very different political systems,” he stressed, calling the Russian system “the ultimate oppression of its own society.”

This is the fourth round of talks between Podoliak and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Medinski, a Kremlin adviser. The previous three sessions were held on the Ukrainian-Belarusian and Polish-Belarusian borders.

This new round comes after an unsuccessful first meeting between the heads of Russian and Ukrainian diplomacy last Thursday in Turkey.

Ukraine said early Monday that it would again demand an immediate truce in fighting and the withdrawal of Russian forces, nearly three weeks after the invasion began on February 24.

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