Ukraine asks for solidarity from the world and a clear position from Mexico in the face of the Russian invasion

Considered the darkest day after the Second World War, diplomats and colleagues from Ukraine, the European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom and Georgia attached to our country condemned the Russian military aggression on Ukrainian territory and called to stop the consequences that it implies for the world and international law.

The ambassador of Ukraine in Mexico, Oksana Dramaretska, urged the international community to show solidarity with her country, impose sanctions on Russia, as well as break diplomatic relations with this country.

“We invite our partners to follow the example. We consider it unacceptable to maintain diplomatic relations with the aggressor state that openly attacks its neighbor for no reason. International organizations should consider terminating Russia’s membership for flagrant violations of the international right”, he stated at a press conference to report on the most recent events.

Regarding the position of Mexico, the Ukrainian diplomat expressed not feeling a clear position.

“From Mexico we need a clear position because until now we have not felt its position very clearly (…) We highly respect consistency but today we need a clear decision, a declaration that condemns Russian aggression,” he added.

For his part, Ambassador Gautier Mignot, representative of the European Union in our country, expressed the solidarity of the bloc of 27 towards Ukraine.

“This is a military aggression without precedent since the Second World War. Russia, because it is part of the UN Security Council, should be a guarantor of respect for the Charter of the United Nations (…) a few days ago it said that it would not invade Ukraine and we see today that it was a lie,” he said.

He reiterated that the European Union maintains constant contact with the Mexican authorities and recognized their position of being in favor of territorial respect for Ukraine.

At 5:00 a.m. on Thursday Russia initiated bombing raids on Ukrainian military units in the east, spreading them to other parts of Ukrainian territory.

Ukraine already counts dozens of soldiers and civilians killed in the first hours of the war.

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