The current conflict in Ukraine is sometimes difficult for people living on the autism spectrum to understand, a situation which can then create a lot of anxiety and stress.

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“I’m afraid that it will overflow and that it will affect other countries in Europe like with the Second World War. I see Putin and I’ve always loved history, I feel like I’m seeing Hitler and Stalin again,” explained Geneviève Verreault, user at Autisme Mauricie.

Some of them inquired at home, while others asked their questions at Autisme Mauricie.

“I often listen to the media, but also, I often watch foreign videos on YouTube so I know a little about it,” said Jean-Denis Charest, another user.

“With the arrival of the war in Ukraine, I saw the anxiety that was still rising among my adults, especially since they asked a lot of questions. I told myself that the best way is to continue in our vision of mutual aid, ”said the general manager at Autisme Mauricie, Martine Quessy.

A DIY day was therefore organized to reduce stress.

Bracelets, bookmarks, or even key rings, they spent hours making all kinds of objects in the colors of Ukraine.

“It’s a bit far from Ukraine to be able to help concretely. What we could do was to send donations so there I proposed this idea to them and they all accepted hands down to participate, ”added Quessy.

The items will be sold and the profits will be donated to the SANA of Trois-Rivières, which is preparing for the arrival of refugees. “To help people in Ukraine who have war.

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It’s important to help others,” added Alicia Chapdelaine, one of the participants. The objects made during this workshop will be on sale Wednesday evening on the Autisme Mauricie Facebook page.

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