It is with anger that the communities from Northern Ireland reacted to the UK government’s decision. The latter wishes to prescribe the crimes committed during the period of civil war in the country. The measure would end prosecutions for murders committed by British soldiers and members of militant groups. Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, indicated that “this continued to divide communities, especially the families of the victims, who do not get a response”.

3,500 dead and over 45,000 injured

The associations of victims, loyalists and republicans reject the project, twenty three years after the end of the Troubles who did something 3,500 dead and 45,000 injured. Many families have been waiting for justice for many years: around 36 inquiries have yet to be heard. Most of them relate to murders committed by the army and the police.

Maxine Hambleton was killed alongside twenty other people in Birmingham pub bombings in 1974. For her sister, Julie Hambleton, this bill is unforgivable : “This allows murderers to have a license to kill. It will also give free rein to any potential terrorist, who wishes to come to the United Kingdom, to kill with impunity”.

Boris Johnson’s government bill was announced as the British Army, deployed almost 30 years ago, carried out the last of its daily patrols through the streets of Belfast.

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