UK Freezes Assets of Abramovich and Other Big Russian Oligarchs

  • The new sanctions punish the billionaires close to Vladimir Putin, “accomplices” in the aggression against Ukraine, with a value of 18,000 million euros

The most famous of the Russian oligarchs, Roman Abramovichhas been one of the seven billionaires of that nationality sanctioned by the government of Boris Johnson for its connection with Vladimir Putin, in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine. The still owner of the football club Chelsea is now prohibited from entering the United Kingdom and all its assets have been frozen. You will also not be able to carry out commercial or financial transactions with British individuals or entities.

Abramovich’s fortune, according to official sources, is valued at 11.2 billion euros. “He is one of the few oligarchs of the 1990s to maintain prominence under Putin,” said British Foreign Secretary Lizz Truss.

stalled sale

Two days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Abramovich, 55, gave up the absolute power he had in the club and left the management. Last week he announced the sale of Chelsea, which he had acquired in 2003. Now the sale operation remains in the air for the moment, although the government will study in the future a special waiver so that the club can be sold, ensuring that Abramovich will not benefit from any of the benefits. “You will not receive a penny from that sale & rdquor;, said a government source. The suspension could affect the value of the club. The British media estimate that there are about twenty individuals, in Europe and America, interested in the acquisition, but the green light to carry out the operation may take some time, adding to this a possible legal labyrinth in this new scenario. Nor will it be possible for Chelsea to make new signings for now.

From the club they have asked the authorities to take the fans into account in any future decision. Regarding strictly football activity, the club may obtain a license to continue “with its activities related to sports competition & rdquor;, According to the government. The Premier League game scheduled for this Thursday against Norwich therefore goes ahead.

Oligarchs worth 18,000 million

Six more Russian oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin appear on the sanctioned list published by the British government. Oleg Deripaska The 52-year-old is the owner of EN+Group with interests in the mining and other energy sectors. His business is centralized in London, with headquarters at Georgia House, two walks from St. James’s Palace. In the past Deripaska has been linked to high-ranking British politicians. The United States government has accused him of blackmail and organized crime.

The rest of those sanctioned are, Igor Sechin president of the Russian oil company Rosneft and a former member of the KGB, the former Russian secret services, to which Putin also belonged, with whom he maintains a close relationship. Andrew Korstin, president of VTB bank. Alexei MillerCEO of the public energy company Gazprom. Nikolai Tokarev, Chairman of the public pipeline company Transneft and Dimitri Lebedev, chairman of the board of directors of Rossiya bank. The wealth and assets of the group of oligarchs are valued at about €18 billion.

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“There can be no safe havens for those who have backed Putin’s ruthless attack on Ukraine,” Johnson said. “We will have no mercy against those who allow killing of civiliansthe destruction of hospitals and the illegal occupation of sovereign allies.” Johnson had been heavily criticized by the Labor opposition and some Conservative MPs for the delay in sanctioning Abramovich, the most famous Russian oligarch for the British.

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