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A special vote was held in the Alberta legislature on the morning that most of the major cities in the province have their eyes set on municipal elections.

Under other business on the special standing committee on the member services agenda, Peace River MLA Dan Williams moved to add numbering to the role of the deputy head of the house of government for a total of $ 12,096.

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Joseph Schow received that position on July 8, before being named Lieutenant Governor when he was first elected in 2019 as the UCP MLA for Cardston-Siksika.

The role of deputy head of the house of government generally does not come with a salary increase, as it is usually given to someone within the cabinet.

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Those who voted in favor of the motion include Mike Ellis, Dan Williams, RJ Sigurdson, Martin Long, and Nathan Neudorf of the UCP MLA.

NDP says the increase is ‘absurd’

Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang, who opposed the motion, spoke to Global News after the special meeting and did not beat around the bush.

“At a time when we cannot guarantee paid sick leave, basic leave for Albertans, at a time when we cannot guarantee commercial eviction bans, at a time when barely a week Last year, more than 60 Albertans were reported to have died in just two days in At the height of this pandemic, here the PCU is giving itself a pat on the back and a raise to one of its members, ”Dang said.

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“I don’t think it makes any sense. I think it is absurd and I think it is frankly an insult to the people of Alberta and the workers whom the PCU continues to attack. “

Dang went on to say that it is “hypocritical” for the government to issue such a raise while asking frontline and public sector workers for a pay cut.

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Those who also did not vote in favor include NDP MLA Nicole Goehring, Jasvir Deol and Irfan Sabir.

Global News has reached out to the UCP for comment, but has not received a response at the time of publication. This story will be updated when a response is received.

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