Uber big order: Halifax driver delivers $825 worth of McDonald’s to wedding

An Uber Eats driver in Halifax got the order of a lifetime Saturday night – $825 worth of fast food.

The customers were a bride and groom, who wanted to give their guests a late night treat from McDonald’s.

Steven Murphy, the delivery driver who made the drop-off, says he wasn’t even planning on making deliveries Saturday night.

“I decided to turn my alert on to see if I could pick any orders up. Then I looked at the order details and the order details said that the customer had ordered 226 items – and I was like, ‘OK this definitely can’t be real.’”

Murphy then tried to reach out to Tyler McDonald, the groom.

In a voicemail, Murphy said: “I just got a wild and crazy order with your name on it.”

McDonald didn’t return his call, but Murphy went to pick up the order at the McDonald’s on Spring Garden Road anyway. He says he still wasn’t sure if the order – totaling $825.41 – was real.

“Four guys, plus myself and my little Uber Eats bag – they all fit in my Mini, luckily.”

He was surprised to see that the order told him to deliver all the food to a wedding party on the second floor of Pier 21.

“It was real,” says Murphy. “I met the groom, briefly, and dropped the food off and they were happy as clams, and I got a little tip.”

The delivery was a “bright spot” in Murphy’s evening.

“I’ve been down as of late,” he says. “My car has damage, I’ve got to get it fixed. And I’ve been looking at the idea, I’ve been trying to work to save up and get an electric vehicle.”

Murphy admits orders like that don’t come along everyday.

Kayla and Tyler, the newly married couple, while on the way to Greece for their honeymoon, told CTV Atlantic they “wanted late night food,” and the order only made sense with a last name like McDonald.

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