U of T joins a string of schools canceling in-person exams

The University of Toronto canceled the remainder of its in-person testing program on short notice this week and most of its students will return to classes online after winter break in a bid to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Omicron variant, first identified in November, is spreading in many parts of the world. It has led to an increase in total cases and the reimposition of travel restrictions and other public health measures.

Online exams will go as planned, and some in-person exams may change online, U of T said in a note to your community on wednesday. He also said that almost all classes will be held virtually in January.

Ryerson University, also known as X University while in the midst of a name change, Thursday he joined his city buddy to delay back to school until the end of next month. However, he sticks to his exam schedule, which means some will stay in person.

Toronto’s third university, York, is also sticking to its exam schedule, but has delayed face-to-face classes until January 24.

“The decision to cancel or postpone in-person exams and delay in-person learning was not made lightly,” said Trevor Young, interim vice president of the University of Texas and chancellor and dean of the Temerty School of Medicine. “But it is a necessary step to safeguard the health of our students and all members of the U of T community in light of the emergence of the latest variant of concern.”

COVID-19 cases in Ontario soared to their highest level in more than seven months on Thursday, with 2,421 new infections. The provincial government has accelerated the booster vaccination program and is asking everyone over the age of 18 whose second puncture was at least three months ago to register for a third puncture, starting Monday.

The U of T measure follows similar steps taken at a number of other Canadian universities, including Queen’s University in Kingston, where college sports are suspected of helping the spread of the highly communicable variant. in the region Y to other university communities.

Of the Queen said the weekend Your exams will move to an alternate delivery method or reschedule for the new year. The region’s public health unit has limited all organized social gatherings and public events to five people.

Western Ontario University also exams moved online this week, as did Dalhousie University of the Atlantic Region, Cape Breton University, Acadia University, and Mount St. Vincent University.

In British Columbia, the University of Victoria also canceled in-person exams, while the University of British Columbia said theirs would go ahead.

Morgan Sharp / Local Journalism Initiative / Canada National Observer


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