Two squatted flats are looking for owners tonight in ‘Cazaherederos’ on laSexta

laSexta broadcasts tonight, at 10:30 p.m. a new installment of ‘Heirhunters’. On this occasion, Jalis de la Serna accompanies Pablo, the oldest hunter in the team. Its mission is to locate the heir of two apartments with sea views in Torremolinos, worth 250,000 euros. The office suspects the inheritance may be higher. There is only one drawback: the floors are occupied.

‘Heir hunters’ will discover that there is a story behind every inheritance: family secrets, property managers who want to pay off debts for which no one is responsible, neighbors who are interested in taking over the adjoining house, squatters who have moved into unoccupied houses, family conflicts & mldr;

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Jalis will live in first person the moment the heirs receive the news of an inheritance that has fallen from heaven and will find out if everyone accepts the assets that belong to them.

Jalis will tour Spain for 6 months with Sergio, Pablo, María and Quique who are the ‘hunters’ knocking on the heirs’ doors after performing a complex research task and will show the method they use to help the lucky ones. wind.

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