Two small forest fires, fanned by the wind, burn in the Empordà

  • At least five hectares of the protected natural area of ​​Montgrí-Les Medes-Baix Ter are affected by the flames

Various forest fires, fanned by the strong wind blowing in the area, affect this Sunday the Empordàwhere the fire has burned more than twenty hectares, five of them in the protected natural area of ​​Montgrí-Les Medes-Baix Ter, according to the body of Rural Agents.

In the area of Ter Vell, in the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí, seven crews of the fire department of the Generalitat have worked since twelve thirty noon, one of them air, as reported by this body.

The helicopter It has also been activated to try to put out a fire that has been declared in Sant Julià de Ramis, next to the AP-7, which has forced the road to be cut.

In the municipality of L’Estartit Twelve crews have worked, one area, against the fire, which is surrounded by Griells beach on the left flank. This fire has affected the patio of a house.

This fire has been controlled around six in the afternoon this Sunday after burning the green island of Griells, in the old mouth of the river Ter.

With the arrival of night, the Firefighters have been withdrawing from the area but, as reported by this body, they will leave a catch to go checking the perimeter, as well as a water line, as a precaution.

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In the Lleida municipality of Castle of MurIn the Purredons area, another forest fire broke out this afternoon, involving nine crews, two of them aerial.

The Rural Agents recall that Civil Protection has activated the alert for strong winds in various parts of Catalonia and ask for extreme precautions to prevent new fires.

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