• After the death of a Mexican singer, Mhoni Vidente predicts two more deaths of celebrities
  • In a video, the Cuban clairvoyant has warned of the death of more characters in the artistic world
  • The “Grupero Environment” will be the most affected according to Mhoni Vidente

After the death of the Mexican singer of ‘Zona Rika’ assassinated by hitmen aboard a motorcycle in Mexico, Mhoni Vidente predicts two more deaths of celebrities.

The Cuban made her impressive predictions through a YouTube video for “En El Radar.” Mhoni Vidente began by remembering the death of the acclaimed representative of grupera music in Mexico and Texas, Servando Cano, a death that even left Los Tigres del Norte ‘devastated’.

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Group environment ‘at risk’

The clairvoyant pointed out that the letters that “would be dominating” in these weeks is the so-called “trial” letter which, according to her, indicates that after the deaths of the Mexican representative and vocalist, the deaths “will continue in very important figures in groups of the group environment ”.

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In addition, he warned that the musicians who “die” will be “older” people and that they left a very important legacy in grupera music. Also, he attributes the deadly prediction to the coronavirus, “that virus is still behind them and unfortunately we are going to know of two more deaths,” said the Cuban.

“One from Texas and another person from Monterrey,” predicted Mhoni Vidente that they will die from the coronavirus. After making this “chilling” prediction, the Cuban began to talk about other topics.

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What else did Mhoni Seer predict?

As for the Oscars, Mhoni assured that a Mexican and a Latino will win “the highest film award” since “they will bring all the luck.” “Very important things for Mexico and Latin America,” he predicted. To see the video click here.

Then he began to talk about politics, assuring that “the emperor’s letter tells him” that the president of the United States, Joe Biden will begin to invade Asian countries.

He says they will seek to control violence and coups in the region. He also noted that the US government led by Biden would remove “weapons” from North Korea.

Mhoni Seer falling plane


How will the weather be according to Mhoni Vidente

“A drought like I have never seen before,” Mhoni said in a worrying voice, predicting that a drought would affect all of Mexico and almost the entire world.

He also warned that from next March the “presence of the sun will begin to be felt” throughout the planet, and recommended to begin to ‘take care of the water’. In addition, he said that for the months of May or June the pandemic will be being ‘tamed’.


Returning to the realm of the show, he sent two strong warnings for Madona ‘the queen of pop’ and Paris Hilton. For Madona, he predicted that her health will be affected, and that she should take care of herself.

After this, Mhoni Vidente spoke of the millionaire and recognized Paris Hilton, who after a series of scandals, would be announcing her wedding and even a possible pregnancy with twins.

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Mhoni Vidente predicted the crash of a plane in Mexico

According to her followers, the Mhoni Seer has made a prediction of an important event, who have taken it as ‘a fulfilled prediction’.

And it is that just a few days ago, Mhoni Vidente, hit again in a prediction that he had commented a few weeks ago, when he said that a plane would fall in Mexico.

Mhoni Seer falling plane


This Sunday an Air Force aircraft crashed causing the death of six soldiers. The events occurred in the vicinity of the El Lencero Airport in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, in the state of Veracruz.

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