Two injured in school shooting in Virginia

Two people were injured in a shooting Monday afternoon at a high school in Virginia, eastern United States, law enforcement said.

Newport News police said in a statement that the two victims of the Heritage High School shooting were taken to hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. A 17-year-old was reportedly shot in the face and a similar-aged teenager in the leg.

Local police believe the alleged shooter and the victims knew each other, but did not provide further details. A young man has been arrested in connection with this case. Evidence was recovered on the spot.

The incident was contained and school officials were preparing to release the students to return home, Newport News schools spokeswoman Michelle Price said by phone. Classes resumed on September 8 at this school; the students were therefore in their second full week in class.

The students were evacuated to the tennis courts, where parents could find them, police said.

Video of the scene showed parents on the sidewalks talking on the phone. Crime scene tape stretched across parts of the school parking lot, and a police command truck was parked nearby.

Police are investigating the shooting and said reports of active shooters in other schools were false.

Two other people were taken to hospital in connection with this incident, one for a broken arm and the other for an asthma attack.

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