Two hooded men rob a restaurant in Madrid at gunpoint

Two hooded men robbed this Thursday at gunpoint a restaurant in the Madrid district of Villaverde, from which they took the money from the cash register and from the vending machines, a spokeswoman for the Madrid Police Headquarters has informed Europa Press.

The assault took place at 6:30 am this Thursday at the Peña de Francia establishment, located in the Paseo de Talleres. At that time, at the beginning of the working day, there were three workers on the premises, who were opening to serve breakfast.

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Then, two hooded people with sweatshirts, gloves and with their faces covered with panties entered the crowd. While one of them intimidated the employees with a gun so that they did not leave the bar, the other collected the money from the cash register and the machines, which they opened by breaking them with the stools.

After managing to get all the money, which they kept in a backpack, they left the restaurant and fled in a vehicle at high speed, leaving no injuries. The National Police has taken charge of the investigation of this robbery with violence and they are checking the local cameras, which recorded the entire scene, and speaking with witnesses to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

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