Two drunks in the fire of an inhabited ship in Vilassar de Mar

Two people were slightly intoxicated when a ship caught fire in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) which was partially activated as a house, as reported by the Generalitat fire brigade.

The fire started shortly before 13:00, for reasons being investigated, in a cage of the warehouse in question, located on Via Octaviana in the village of Maresme.

As a result of the flames, two people who lived in the ship, who were illegally used as housing (it lacks a certificate of qualification) and in which 17 people lived for a long time, had to be treated for mild poisoning due to smoke inhalation. ” as if it were a shared apartment ”, according to TV-3.

The space is divided into three zones, one of which has completely collapsed. The ship had a ground floor and two floors divided into three bodies. The plant completely collapsed and the presence of the municipal architect was activated. For safety reasons, the firefighters basically worked from the outside, and when they did it inside, they did it from the points of the ship.

Fifteen teams from the Generalitat Fire Brigade intervened in the tasks of extinguishing the fire, which was brought under control around 17:30. After the flames were controlled, eight teams continued to soak the area as there were still many hot spots under the rubble. Two teams are expected to stay on site throughout the night.

illegal housing

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The city council of Vilassar de Mar (Maresme) stated in a statement that it has no record that people lived “in the burnt out ship” with an irregular rental regime “. It also emphasizes that the Local Police are not aware of any complaint in this regard.

Given this fact, the council announced that it would launch an investigation, and that if “one or more crimes” against the owner of the ship “by taking advantage of the situation of vulnerability of the people who lived”, to brought to light from the proceedings, as popular accusation. Of the 17 people who lived “in principle” on the ship, eight were relocated. The rest opted for their own means.

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