Two Alberta doctors write a letter to the health minister demanding the blockade of the entire province ‘firewall’

“Alberta’s hospital system, especially ICUs, is under more deadly stress than at any time in the province’s history,” the letter says.

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Two prominent Alberta doctors have written a letter to the new health minister demanding a blockade of “firewalls” across the province, mandatory vaccinations for employees, as well as a host of other measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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Dr. Noel Gibney, an intensive care specialist and professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, and Dr. James Talbot, the province’s former medical director, wrote the letter to Health Minister Jason Copping to address the “crushing burden of COVID -19 you are supporting by Alberta and Alberta Health Services. “

“Alberta’s hospital system, especially ICUs, is under more deadly stress than at any time in the province’s history,” the letter says. “All Albertans have and depend on our intensive care hospitals. We are just days away from being forced to implement a triage protocol that will force healthcare workers to make life-or-death decisions about who will get scarce resources, such as ventilators. “

The letter calls for the implementation of 7 measures, including transferring ICU patients out of the province now, making vaccine passports mandatory in all non-essential services, making vaccination mandatory for all government personnel. and personnel in related independent organizations, as well as for employees. of essential and non-essential businesses.

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It also calls for restoring contact tracing and requiring the use of masking inside schools, including classrooms.

As for the so-called firewall, doctors are calling for the closure of discos, casinos, bars and indoor dining in restaurants for four weeks, the closure of gyms and indoor sports, and strictly limit the capacity in stores, shopping centers and places of worship. .

Doctors say these are necessary steps because we are at a point where approximately 15 people per day are dying from COVID-19, and that 20 percent of people who have not even injected a vaccine are driving this crisis. .

“This 80% are already being deprived of the necessary elective surgeries and will soon be denied entry to a hospital or ICU bed by the 20% who refuse to be vaccinated and are obstructing the acute care system,” read the letter.

“This means that those who lobby in your party to eliminate vaccine passports and are against insisting that employees be immunized are not backed by the actions of 80% of Albertans.”

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