Twitter says it’s working on an activation warning feature

Twitter announced that it will introduce activation warnings on the platform through an upcoming feature called ‘Heads Up’.

According to a press conference, ‘Heads Up’ will warn users when they are about to join “heated” conversations.

While details on how exactly ‘Heads Up’ will work are scant as it is still in development, Twitter described their thinking behind the new feature as “sometimes you want to know who is in the room and what the mood is, before jump”.

It remains to be seen how those “vibes” will be determined by the company, but how users will be flagged can be seen in the image above provided by Twitter.

‘Heads Up’ will be the latest in a series of features rolled out by Twitter in recent months designed to automatically moderate content and give users more control over who can engage with their tweets and how.

This includes adding labels to distinguish between accounts managed by robots and accounts managed by humans, a Security Mode setting that automatically blocks accounts involved in harassment, a button that allows users to manually remove followers from their account, and a privacy setting. at work hiding old tweets.

Image source: Twitter

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