Tuesday letters: Notley would have done better to fight COVID

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David Staples’s adoration of Jason Kenney seems to have no limits. Now he’s trying to say that Rachel Notley would have done no better than Jason Kenney in dealing with the pandemic.

In his usual way, he chooses his facts. It’s fascinating that Staples skips the whole “Best Summer Ever” fiasco. Mrs. Notley would not have abandoned all reasonable precautions during the summer to impress wealthy friends at the Stampede. Mrs. Notley would not have gone on vacation and would not have left anyone in charge. Ms. Notley would not have lied about communicating with the office on a regular basis. Ms. Notley would not have been out of contact with Albertans for 10 days after returning to Canada.

Ms. Notley would not have organized a lottery or a $ 100 payout to attract the unvaccinated – American-style bribery that actually discourages vaccination. It would have established more mobile and culturally sensitive programs that are proven to encourage vaccination. So David Staples, the answer to your question: yes, Notley would have done a better job.

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Charlotte Bragg, Edmonton

An ID card is needed for veterans

On November 11, I found myself at Tim Horton’s for my daily cup of coffee. I had heard that Tim’s was offering free coffee to veterans, so I thought why not. I confirmed with the girl behind the counter that, yes, Tim’s offered free coffees to veterans, just today. He said that they had been told that I had to wear a uniform or that I had to show my military identification card.

I enlisted when I was a teenager; I am now 60 years old. Even if I still had my old uniform, there is no chance that I could get into it. The other problem is that it is illegal for non-active duty members to wear the uniform. What about your military ID? He asked, same problem. It is illegal for non-active personnel to wear military identification. The last thing you should do as an active duty member is turn in your ID card.

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I’m not trying to single out Tim Horton; after all, she still gave me my coffee for free, and many other outlets make the same offer.

The point I’m trying to make is, if we can have cards for seemingly every other aspect of our lives, why not a Veterans ID card?

Rod Wolchyn, Edmonton

Vaccine test for casino volunteers

Recently, I volunteered for one of the local charity casinos. You will understand my surprise when I learned that the Alberta Gaming and Spirits Commission does not require volunteers to show their proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

While casino patrons are required to show their vaccination vouchers upon entering the facility, volunteers do not. I find it very irregular, irresponsible and contrary to government policy in this area.

Piotr Grella-Mozejko, Edmonton

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