The results of a new poll suggest that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were clinging to a five-point lead on the eve of the federal election campaign.

35% of the determined voters who participated expressed support for the Liberals, 30% for the Conservatives, and 20% for the NDP.

Seven percent would vote for the Bloc Québécois, which presents candidates only in Quebec, while five percent support the Greens and two percent support the People’s Party of Canada.

The online survey of 2,007 Canadians, conducted August 13-15 by Leger in collaboration with The Canadian Press, cannot be assigned a margin of error because surveys conducted on the Internet are not considered truly random samples.

Trudeau quickly framed the elections that began Sunday as a referendum on the party most capable of leading the country in the months and years after the COVID-19 crash.

The 36-day campaign, the shortest allowed by electoral law, ends on September 20.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 17, 2021.

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