Trudeau warned at the highest levels not to campaign against Trump

Former top diplomats for Trudeau and high level American conservatives warn against Trudeau’s dangerous game.

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Two top diplomats under Justin Trudeau have warned the PM that campaigning against Donald Trump is a dumb idea. Meanwhile, a major American conservative commentator has told The Toronto Sun, beating up on Trump won’t work out for Canada if Trump wins re-election.

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For months now, Trudeau and his Liberal Party have been campaigning against Donald Trump instead of Pierre Poilievre. They have made statements and made social media posts tying the two together and making Trump, and Poilievre, appear evil.

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Trump currently leads by 2.1% in an average of polls, according to poll aggregator Real Clear Politics, and Biden has only had the lead in three polls released since the start of the year. Beyond that, Trump is currently leading in polling for battleground states such as Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Nevada.

“Why would you run the risk?” David McNaughton said to the Toronto Star last week.

McNaughton was Trudeau’s Ontario campaign co-chair for the 2015 election, and served as Canada’s ambassador to the United States from 2016-19.

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Campaigning against Trump when, given current polling, he could win, is extremely dangerous for Canada. The United States is our biggest trading partner, our friend, our ally and our protector militarily.

Trudeau and the Liberals are currently poking Trump in the eye when he could be the guy running the White House in less than a year.

“We need to be seen by the Americans as a trusted friend, ally, partner and, you know, right now, I don’t think that feeling is as strong as it has been,” McNaughton told the Star.

He isn’t alone in warning against the dangers of the current party the governing party is on. Louise Blais served as Canada’s consul general in the southeastern United States in the lead-up to the 2016 election that saw Trump voted in, and was later appointed by Trudeau as Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.

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In a column for the Globe and Mail, Blais took a less political tone than McNaughton, but was still critical of the Trudeau government’s approach in a very diplomatic way. She worried that the appointment of two cabinet ministers, Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne and Economic Development Minister Mary Ng, to deal with the Americans, would be seen as panicking over Trump’s possible re-election.

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“Canada’s relationship with the United States is an existential one. We are reliant on the U.S. for our economy and security. And internationally, like it or not, we derive most of our influence from how the U.S. treats us. It’s fundamental to how the rest of the world treats us,” she wrote.

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In her column, Blais recounted how in 2016, Newt Gingrich, the former Georgia congressman and speaker of the House of Representatives, approached her about the Trump bashing coming out of Canada.

“Be very careful, because you are picking sides and that is badly seen,” Gingrich said.

Blais wisely believes that Canadian elected officials, who have to deal with whoever wins, shouldn’t be participants in the American election by choosing sides. Right now, for domestic reasons, Trudeau is picking sides.

Americans are noticing what Trudeau is doing and in a soon-to-be released weekend interview with the Sun, Glenn Beck, the American conservative talk radio host, new media pioneer and political commentator, said that Trudeau was putting Canada in a dangerous spot.

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“Well, it’s not going to be a friendly relationship,” Beck said of what would happen if Trump wins and Trudeau is still prime minister. “Donald Trump tends to remember who his friends are.”

Trudeau is showing that he’s not only not friends with Trump, but not friends with America if they re-elect him. That may help Trudeau win some votes domestically, but it could have horrible repercussions on our economy.

While Trudeau has no problem cozying up to actual dictators, including Iran and China, he should shut up about Trump.

He can’t, though, because he’s desperate as his polling numbers fall further still. Some polls show about one-third of Canadians would vote for Trump if they could cast a ballot, meaning that Trump is more popular in Canada than Trudeau is.

Trudeau would rather put your job and economic livelihood at risk by attacking Trump so that he might have a chance at saving his own job. That should tell you all you need to know about Justin Trudeau.

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