The outgoing Prime Minister Justin trudeau promises that a re-elected Liberal government will extend emergency support programs and introduce new measures for some of the sectors of the economy most affected by COVID-19, such as tourism, the arts and culture.

The Liberal leader made the announcement in a manufacturing company in Longueuil alongside his candidates Florence Gagnon (Longueuil – Saint-Hubert), Sherry Romanado (Longueuil – Charles-Lemoyne) and Pascale St-Onge (Brome-Mississquoi).

The Liberals are promising to extend Canada’s Economic Recovery Hiring Program until March 31, 2022 to allow businesses to hire more workers. They also pledge to provide the tourism sector with an interim wage subsidy and rent subsidy of up to 75% of their costs “to help them get through the winter”.

In addition, the PLC also promises the creation of a new program for the revival of the arts, which will double the amount of revenue from the sale of tickets to cultural establishments severely affected by the pandemic. “You have helped slow down the pandemic by limiting the number of accesses to your rooms, and you shouldn’t be punished for it. So, for people who go to their neighborhood theater or their favorite venue at Place des Arts, the seat next to you which must be left empty. [en raison des mesures sanitaires] will be paid for by the federal government, ”explained Mr. Trudeau.

The Liberals finally pledge to extend insurance coverage for media productions forced to suspend their activities due to COVID-19 and to put in place a transition support program that will help workers in the cultural sector.

You have helped slow down the pandemic by limiting the number of accesses to your rooms [de spectacle], and you shouldn’t be punished for it

– justin trudeau

Trudeau was unable to say how much these listed commitments will cost on Monday, but argued his party will unveil “a fully costed platform” during the election campaign. He also hopes that the health situation will get better than expected and that these measures will not be necessary. “But we know that being there for Canadians is the promise we made from the start and that we will continue to keep,” he said.

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The Liberal team left the greater Montreal area on Monday to continue their tour along Highway 401 towards Toronto.

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