Trudeau, the Truckers: A Parliamentary Inquiry

A few days before the convoy of the so-called Truckers for Liberty reaches Ottawa, the federal government was warned that violent extremist groups were deeply involved in the movement. The British newspaper The Guardian obtained documents showing that in late January, a Canadian government intelligence arm known as the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Center (CIET) flagged the involvement of extremist groups and individuals in the movement. Never heard of this center? I will come back to this later.

The CIET report claimed supporters of the convoy “advocated civil war,” called for violence against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and said the protest should be “used as Canada’s ‘January 6’,” in reference to the capture of the US Capitol.

CIET believed that the potential for violence was very real although it concluded that “a coordinated and complex terrorist attack or a planned storming of Parliament or other federal locations is unlikely”. The Center also noted that the extremist group La Meute which took part in the demonstration in Quebec claimed to be participating in the demonstrations in Ottawa.

So clear and detailed warnings were sent to the federal government and to the Ottawa police before the arrival of the convoy in the capital. Ottawa’s incompetent police chief, since fired, did little to prevent the occupation. Neither did Trudeau. Dad must be rolling over in his grave.

When asked about how far he would go in suspending civil liberties to maintain order, Pierre Elliott Trudeau replied “Just watch mebefore invoking the War Measures Act and imprisoning some 500 Quebecers.

In another report marked “secret” obtained by Global News under the Freedom of Information Act, the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Center, warned that far-right groups are “actively recruiting” past and current members of the military and police. The center currently focuses its activities on the growth of violent right-wing extremism and its exploitation of social tensions created by the pandemic.

The Integrated Terrorism Assessment Center (ITAC) is the newest and least known of Canada’s national security agencies. He has not only one page on the Canadian government website. No information is available on the number of employees of the Center or on its budget.

All we know is that he lives at the headquarters of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in Ottawa. Although subject to CSIS law, the service exercises only “administrative oversight” over CIET. Which seems to imply that the Center does not report directly to him.
Moreover, the welcome sign in front of the complex clearly indicates that CSIS and CIET are different organizations.

Headquarters of CSIS and CIET, in Ottawa

Screenshot, Google Streetview

It is presented as an “integrated” center of independent experts responsible for assessing terrorist threats based on classified intelligence and information from open sources. Their mission is to help decision-makers take action to prevent these threats or mitigate their impact. “Independent experts” of whom and what?

The page devoted to it by the federal government tells us that the CIET is always looking for experienced and dedicated professionals ready to join its team as analysts and collaborators in its “policy and strategic mobilization programs”. I wonder what it is exactly?

A parliamentary commission must investigate the truckers’ rebellion and their occupation of the federal capital with the financial support and encouragement of trumpet Americans. We must know why the Trudeau government let it go for weeks when the CIET had warned it of what was to come. The former Ottawa police chief, the director of CIET, several other senior federal officials involved in crisis management must be called to testify.

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