Trudeau: Quiet

Note in his defense that Justin Trudeau has again caught the COVID-19. Its current lockdown is falling short, however, as Ottawa is held hostage by the new “defenders” of democracy.

With children, including ten-month-old babies, families turned into crusaders of freedom whose meaning was unknown, freeze their bodies – their heads already frozen – and in the manner of new converts preach the good news Canadian. Namely, the end of sanitary measures.

By pretending that we live in a dictatorship like in Hitler’s time in Germany – yes, sir, yes, madam, that’s the sloppy comparison they use – the demonstrators are announcing their intention to bring down the government. F**k Trudeau. Welcome with the bilingual Governor General who speaks her language and theirs, English.

The silent Prime Minister has not said a word for several days. He, the great centralizer who resists in the face of Quebec’s demands for autonomy, delegates the responsibility of clearing the streets of trucks and demonstrators to the Ottawa police, whose chief appears more and more flabbergasted, even disturbed.

magical thinking

It is well known, small children close their eyes and block their ears so as not to see or hear what is frightening. Justin is almost there. It’s called magical thinking.

The newspaper headlined yesterday “Big family release”. My colleagues reported that several anti-everything parents justified the presence of their offspring by arguments or more precisely by “pedagogical” justifications. It was summed up by this sentence: “The children must see this”. We should not be surprised if in adolescence these same children want to “do that”. the that in the sense of Freud, that is to say the prohibition.

By his silence on his intentions, Justin Trudeau behaves as if a swallow made spring. So time and his own patience will sort things out.

François Legault seems more determined. We will see in the chronicle tomorrow if he lives up to what the silent majority in Quebec expects of him.

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